Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dying Sleeping Pills

I have no problem waking up every morning now..
First, I'll turn to Arjuna just to see his sleeping eyes
Then i'll turn to fresh flowers in a vase where Arjuna keeps it 'blooming'
(Now its the Champagne Roses with full of Baby Breath flowers given by fellow friend)
and tuning to Oprah, Ellen and Martha then makes me busy at least till before noon.

My biggest problem now is to sleep every night.
If i go to bed at 11, i can only close my dry eyes at least another 3 hours then..
The fact that i do not take a nap either during the day always makes me wonder..
Why is it hard for me to get some sleep?
Well, nothing much playing in my mind now, but..
So i told Arjuna may be i should be take sleeping pills
Just on temporary basis.. Not till i become addicted
(However Arjuna is totally againts it)
..Hurm, Im going to get doc's prescription on this..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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