Thursday, March 20, 2008

My so not that interesting life recently..

Life have been not so interesting lately..
(well that’s the reason more sawang been growing to this bloglah)

But I’ve decided to still sharing with u what I’ve been up, so with this- u guys wont feel that sympathy or think that how pathetic my life been recently. Haha.

1. Mommy & Me – Day out
Since my crazee companion been busy with classes & motherhood, mommy & me spend the day by buying groceries at Tesco-MD, hang at Kopitiam and get us a good hair day from our hair stylist in Damansara Perdana. We did catch up lots of stories together and mom been nagging about my two lil siblings.. “Bila lah adik-adik awak tu nak berubah”. Hurm, mama, I missed those days lah!.. We were supposed to get manny&peddy too but she need to catch her class mengaji. Some other time perhaps yer mama!

2. Life without HBO, AXN, Hallmarks, MTV and ETV!
Yup.. this Central Satellite disk been erupted due to some technical thingy. Its not A day nor two.. but it was a whole week. (Add to my boring dull life betul lah!).. So to make it more amusing, we went buying lots & lots of dvd. Half of it were Arjuna’s kind of genre.. (Those with bombing, soldiers, gaduh-gaduh action a.ka. VIOLANCE).. Hey! .. I personally think En-Ter-Tain-Ment supposed to be fun, delightful & enjoyable! Meeeaning, those with happy ending & romantic scent. (More like lovey-dovey stories). Seeing dead people or Children swearing every time they ended they sentences is not fun ‘sayang’.Uh! Man!!
I love watching Enchanted though.. McDreamy still look yummy in that funny character & watching Juno, memang best & fun lah ‘chik’ tapi u knew this kind of movies not suitable for me yet. (Aku kan emotional lagi)

3. Stroller Search
Since I have not been doing anything (which i think the whole world already knew about that).. I escort my crazee sis to her gyne’s appointment & window shop for her baby’s stuff. Since I can’t walk that much, our visit were always short & direct to things in her mind. Gosh.. Those strollers are funkier & trendy these days! (its not i kuno or something, I mean i tak sempat being exposed to these lil stuff yet). Well, the price.. whoa!! Mahal Bangat Deh!! I better start saving now if I want those labels for my babbies. (Insya Allah, Amin!)

4. Fakhrul & Jasni
My fellow virtual friend said that I shud be thankful that at least with all these ‘phenomenon’ I like to call, I have more time cuddling Arjuna for my own.. Hurm… yup, i think u're rite lah sis,.. more time of us honeymooning I guess.. heheh (So ‘sayang’.. ok tak Villa Tepi Sawah tu?) & focus of Arjuna will only to his ‘schatzi’. (me of course!). Hehehe. Btw, while we were talking, we found out that both of us supposed to have another registered name. He supposed to have another name despite current, so Axxxx Fakhrul Rxxx. (Haa.. it explained why both of his brothers have 3 names each actually). While.. my name supposed to be Mxxx Jasni. But later changed to current. Hurm.. How Interesting!

5. Jamu is Herbs

I am finishing my 44 Days of pantang soon. (Since I had too many complications in short duration, I thought of having 100 days). Konon lah kan!… nanti-nanti jumpa geng lunch yang suka Ayam Kampung.. pantang entah ke mana agaknya! Hehehhe. So ive been googling and getting advices to get jamu for internal care. Ye lah, 3 operation in 3 months!, may be it is good idea after all. However I cant choose which one since I am not familiar with this jamu before. It is not that I don’t trust them…. I just scared ok CIK MINAH JAMU. (I had some family history that ended with death after starting taking some jamu.. -but long story and not in familiar cases). Then ada pulak suggest me to take chinese herbs. Apparently it’s safer. Well i got to tell u dude! Jamu tu herbs lah! But in different version. SO now I am still asking around for opinion. If to get, I’ll definitely get those reliable ones.

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nonie said...

biler mau ke kopitiam bersama lagi?
dah abes pantang ke?