Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last Day of my 44 days Confinement.

I am in my last day of 44 days of confinement (56 days more to go for my 100 days of pantang makan). I thank god for that as i can slowly enjoying my life back. I cant wait to start driving back, going for my weekend groceries, doing my craftwork, hanging out with my girls, work!!, and do what i am best in life-Shopping! Hehe. I cant wait, I cant wait. Million Thanks to my Arjuna for being the Greatest -Nurse- ever! And my appreciation also goes to my mama for cooking healthy food for me!
I will promise to take care of myself by
* not lifting heavy stuff
* slow & steady in everything i do
* to take things easily so i dont easily get my stressed
I hope to start talking about baby (or Twin) Again!
Thanks & Lots of Love from me,
* Me with Baby Danish


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a yummy mummy handbook said...

hope u had a speedy recovery....but take it easy yeah..:D