Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy over Vic & Okan

Have u ever become soo addicted to some sinetron that it is in your MUST DO list daily?
It also drive U to plan your early wake up call even on weekend?

Arjuna says im crazy...
Well this i must share with you...
I am now totally addicted with these totally super cool hero Vic Chou-from Taiwan Drama, Silence and Okan-that cruel but really funny Indon hubby.
Watching si 'Agha' bentak-bentak sama Sera really make me & arjuna laugh. Kalau Arjuna layan me like Agha did to Sera.. memang confirmed dah lari ruman mama! haha. No matter what, We must make sure we reached home on time for them. Haha!!

On weekend, while arjuna enjoying extra long sleep (Tak Bangun selagi tak nampak sunshine tau), myself will be still on my pyjamas watching the hero&heroin of silence having difficulties expressing their love. They do not need to bersusah payah make until 30 series if they just simply said.. i love u!!(Why is it so hard!) damn!
The crazy part is.. i already watched both series till the last episode over youtube!
Again & Again and Seriously AGAIN.
But i simply cant missed on tv.!!.
Totally crazy over Vic & Okan

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little miss kechik said...

i luv okan cornelius too. wait.. i dun luv okan.. i luv agha. cos in other sinetron he sucked. hahah! and i hate satyia... can somebody please push him down the stairs!!!! *LOL* u ever notice everytime something gonna happen.. someone will appear from behind the door.. or wall? hahaha