Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bukankah hidup kita akhirnya harus bahagia

Am I ready to face death..
How does it feel losing someone you love
What will i do to face another day without you

This are moments i am always fear off
Will i be ready & what shall happen to me..

I talk nonsence coz i think i am a person that will not take those moment easily
I will keep on thinking it until i realy found the perfect closure
I will even cry suddenly when the visual came into my head

Knowing a sad ending story is really annoying for me
Especially when someone die
Isnt movie suppossed to be En-ter-tai-ning(means laugh & laugh)

Until today, i still cried watching 'tentang dia'movie.
Really left a great impact on me
And now..watching Vic Choa character died in "Silence"
Adding to more sober in my life
Why must he die..
Bukankah hidup kita akhirnya harus bahagia..?

Great Quotes i really like..
* Apabila kita sudah mampu melalui cinta & kematian, maka kita sudah bersedia menjalani kehidupan*

Note:This morning i found out that my tree in my little pot & 8 of Arjuna fishes died!! We felt really sad....

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little miss kechik said...

i told u fishies&prawniess dont belong together...