Monday, April 28, 2008


been tagged by KakakDegil.
Its interesting so im gonna answer them ...

10 things that make me Happy

1. I am happy when i have my Arjuna
I am blessed that god have changed this hateness we used to have to un separatable Sang Arjuna & Si Gemersik. My most precious stuff i ever have, is my Arjuna!

2.I am happy with my Super-Mom,Loving-Dad, Crazy-Sis & Cool-Bro
I cant imagine my life to be WITHOUT any of u. (and oh yes.. im soon to be an aunt!)

3.I am happy while expressing my ideas through my creations
Spending my leisure time by expressing my ideas through my own creations is so relaxing.It can be tidious but i simply loving it. Especially my own lil room with that english touch enhancing the mood of love & romantic. Isnt it worth it if you can make some one else happy too?

4. I am happy when im with those who called themselve - A Friend
Yes.. i spent most of my teenagers time with my girlfriends. Having many groupie is never been too hactic for me!! Arjuna knew i value friendship so much! So to whom i am be-friend now.. be proud as you are a friend to a very wonderful friend in life. Seriously! No joking !!

5. I am happy when my middle name is -shopoholic-
Yes! Iam in Stage 3 of Shopoholic Syndrome. (psst.. i am a great shopper too). Spending not necessarily buying those branded can be as small as a scented candles. Point of it.. I love shopping! Hurm, how should i express more that shopping simply the greatest theraphy for my hypertention !!

6. I am happy while listening to music
Music is truly my life. Everything i do must have a music background. It contributed to the mood im trying to build within. I love most genre but if u know me well, u know what kind of genre i am! (May be itstime to upgrade that baby ipod sayang...)

7. I am happy when i learnt something new
World of bordeless simply have makes everything so much easy at your finger tips.(Thank you Wifi) I am not sure how can i live without my streamyx. I learnt many new things everyday, every moment. Just give me a glass of orange juice on my side table,(next to the beautiful bouquets of white hydrangeas in glass jar) lap top on my bed and with just in my pyjamas, it can easily kill my time.(Travelling sounds so much fun too)

8. I am happy having beautiful memories (Ive been blessed)
I never claimed that i am perfect as we are all just human. But i love every single seconds of my life. Being a ballerina, sports girl with so many friends and great sets of education cert & pretty much impresive resume and also my greatest companion-Arjuna.. makes me cherish every moment i had. Either through snap shots, diary or even blogging.. i will always captured those moments. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah di atas kurnianmu. Aku bersyukur.

9.I am happy when i am dreaming
Yes, i am a girl with many dreams aka dreamer. Everything start from just a dream rite. So i have my dream partner that together walks me to the route of happyness in ourlife by being the 'perfect housewife' aka mysury. I wish.. That our dream can be reality one fine day... Every single of it!

10. I am happy being who i am
I am not such pretender in life. I live in humble life with my dream and the best love i ever gifted.(And god, i am thankful for that). Although breathing in not so fresh air everyday,i thank god that i am still alive. With so much love poured by families & true friends..i am happy with my life

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