Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mirror Mirror

hows my life lately ..?Busy!


Ive been hearing people talking about myself
Not 'kutuking' but giving their honest opinion
Which i always take it positively

I am seriusly no issues when people to throw comment on my attitude
As I believed that we do need mirror to see yourself
Coz sometimes, what they see is actually true!

So.. what do they say...
"I am actually - garang!"
Can u imagine,me being garang...?#*!~%
Its hard to imagine but whenyou have like 100 people talking about it,
It will definitely hit you!

So, i do take comments positively!
I am gonna be less "garang" to people!
.. watch me..!


little miss kechik said...

garang?? wtf??! seriusly? since when? trust me.. if u're garang.. i should've known... *LOL*

fififlafla said...

Chik!! I know!!! Its weird huh!! & of course .. Funny too!!

kakakdegil said...

eheheh.. can't imagine..
camner ur garang face?


::i.e.r.a:: said...

Maya nih alwaysz smile tau...
kalau org kata mya garang... org tuh mesti sumthing wrong lah...
dun worry.. be happy.... :)

水煎包amber said...