Monday, August 04, 2008

the 100th POSTs

i cant believed ive been blogging for quite some time.
and yes i admit i do have my little diaries ,
writting every feeling and thoughts since i was primary
(and oh yes, my wicked sister will always try to read it)
until ive met so many of whom i called friend..
defining what is love ..and every other single details of my life to it.

Now,blogging make my little black book more fun & real
playing my kind of music and actually allowing people to read it..
is kind of the modern way of doing it

However i do not have that time anymore
My brain have become less proactive
and my body become weakand more weak everyday
Tribute to my 100th POSTs,
Ill be sharing the moment i dare myself!

Recent Company's Outdoor's Activity

In life, i have 3 greatest fear (of course GOD will be the main one)
1- Silence
3-Water(Ive drowned before and i still have that visual how ive been saved)

The Jungle Night Walk- (not the activity i was looking forward)
as it combines all of the above.
But that 2 hours of dark & silence walk
have pushed me to the limit
daring myself to actually go thru and be someone
i never thought i will be

Well may be i have that trusted hand to pull me up
Or that tiny courage that always been secretly hiding inside myself
I will never forget every moment of it

Its like...

Totally new experiences!
A whole new world for me!

p/s: Its about time.. discover more 'fififlafla' here !

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Tina said...

im proud of you girl.
..seeingmore fififlafla??? where??...