Monday, January 05, 2009


I started the New Year 2009 with a wonderful dream!
Dream that make me smile till i coudnt wait to wake arjuna the next morning
(The best thing was- he had a great dream too)
We wont tell cause some said it woudnt come true...

Yup! A New Year, A New Beginning and A New Soul !
Although some have heard the news,
Continuanity of the unfortunate story of fififlafla
(I had to undergone Re-Open Procedure)
I must not and will not to give up!
"Arjuna cakap: Bersabar! Tuhan nak duga sayang.."

3 have always been my fav number!
In mylife, 2009 will have much relations of no.3!
Hence,i hope 2009 will be the year!!!
Therefore whatever i'm doing...
I'll do it fabulously !!!

Congratulations to Miss bluecamisole who recently got hitched
& Happy Birthday Miss D! Darn the surprise tak jadi!

My January Song


Khemy said...

gee..i was born on the third..i think its my fave too *wink*

fififlafla said...

U're 3rd too?? I read somewhere that people were born on 3rd day of the month are full with characrter! hehehh

Khemy said...

yup, 3rd of May..
full with characters? maybe we take up acting *grin*

Khemy said...

should was the word in between..sowi..

little miss kechik said...

three's a crowd peeps.. hehe.. but it has also been said that the third time is a charm *wink*