Wednesday, December 24, 2008

7 to 2009

So far,
The 3rd weeks of home resting have been rather enjoying!
(Yes, I started to pick up - What ON LEAVE Should be)
=ENJOYING on Non-Working Days

Although have not hit the big malls yet
Neither 'Lepaking' Nor "Driving pusing KL'

I already start cooking (A lot of Ikan Stim & Ikan Bakar Actually)
and do few normal wifey duties (Laundry & Sweeping)
Although some may say i should'nt,
But seriously, i do need that useful and extra moves
Or i'll be showing up in the office with this
Hippopotamus look & Round 'pinggan' face!

But my bigger excitement is,
To set a new resolution for 2009
Although current and previous years have never been fulfilled 100%
At least i must have some mission right!

Hurm,i'll have 7 days before 2009!

p/s: New Blog Look of fififlafla for 2009
(As summary, i wanna be FABULOUS)

1 comment:

of twilight and dreams said...

hai fififlafla,

i read your earlier post, but at lost on what to says, hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery.

many good wishes to you and arjuna for the new year.

take care and god bless you,