Friday, May 08, 2009

Trust Me !

Im ok when u said im a fool! So i will learnt ..
Im ok when u said im slow! So i will pick up faster ..
Im ok when u said im a jerk! So may be it is me.. we are all just humans!

But when u said im un-trusted
My heart broke!
My motivation goes to zero .. and ...

So i believed god if fair ... he will know what to do
And i much hopes, one day that u'll to know ....
All accusation are wrong ... and you'll be sory
I already forgive you as someone said... 'just let it go'
But it will not keep me for already hating you ...

'trustworth' is very important for me
I grew up proudly by me parents based on trust
I build my marriage with Arjuna based on thrust
I love them as my friends based on thrust
So when u are not thrusting me ....
Then it all have turned the other way

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