Monday, May 25, 2009

I already forgiven you.. BUT i will never forget !

Since u have OPENLY declared our cold war via FB,
Now i wanna say something from the bottom of my heart ...

To you, i already forgive you.
I have forgiven, when u said that what ever happen to me because something i deserved
I have forgiven, when u said that i have to change my attitude caused it bothered u
I have forgiven, when u said that actually the rest of the geng taught so too.. which i doubt
I have forgiven, when u said i am NOT perfect actually
(believed me, im so not perfect!)
I really have forgiven you ...

BUT i will never forget that all those came..

From you who i called best friend
Where we have been together since 18 years ago
Which all your LIL and BIG secret are all on my pocket
Whom ur mom... is also my mother

I am sorry,
That our friendship will never be the same
And i regret... that i once called you my bestie
I was hurt and it really hurt badly!
Cause i never would have believed
You whom i thaught the LAST person on earth
Will actually said all those nasty thing


kakakdegil said...

What a coincidence
Kiter senasib..
Walaupun in my case, i think disebabkan a man
Tp still... masalah yang sama.

Be happy.. no matter what ppl said..
U are mya
No ppl are perfect pun

As long kiter sendiri tau diri kiter
Yang lain tu.. tak penting dah.

Most of all, our orang orang terdekat.. our family tau kiter camner
Itu dah cukup kan?

Miss lepaking with u babe
Take care..


khemy said...

be strong babe..

little miss kechik said...

why did i have a feeling that this is coming up? hehehheh!

hang in there babe.. u'll live through it. next thing you know.. you wouldn't even realise it had happened.

yes.. it is that unimportant.. u have something bigger to focus on kan? heehhe