Sunday, August 30, 2009

The BIG - M

Eversince prego,
This lady has become very super BIG Malas..
To do many things even blogging.

May be its a combo of not that well and fasting too..
Or i am just to freak Out with this H1N1 outbreak
That im too lazy even to step out from my lil crib

All i want to do is laying at my sofa
And do lots of reading.

Some say its normal as i did many cross checked.
But for me.. this is so not me.

p/s: Sometimes i am also lazy even to dream!
So janganlah marah saya jika this blog not being updated!


little miss kechik said...

yes. it's very common. will probably go away in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester. or maybe never. but babe.. u're in ur 1st trimester aren't you? u ok with the fasting?

fififlafla said...

I just hope chik!!

Im nearly 5mths soon.
Fasting. Looking not that good. out of 11 days, already missed 6days. Not so much of hungry but very dehydrate!

wati said...

not to worry about fasting babe, u can always ganti it later...the most important thing is the baby n ur health k...take care sis...