Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Janganlah marah

lIt is not my intention to keep it as a secret..
But i would rather keep it low.
May be of past history or someone specific that i would rather she not knowing, (shhhhh)
I choose not to talk much on 'Duhai Cinta Lara'

But it never keep me stop dreaming
How this baby's nursery room look like,
Or how cute those tiny cloths will be!

To summarize, i am enjoying every moment of mylife now.
Of being super spoilt by Arjuna
And share stories with many bestie this wondeful journey (prego or non-prego friends)
Of Insya Allah, to be a mother in late January. (choosing 20.01.2010)

To whom i've hurt of not telling... (so not me kan!)
Janganlah marah.
I believed u guys understand as i got many congratulate SMS instead
Would rather angry and dissapoint messages.

I guees, those who we called - true friends!


little miss kechik said...


Kakakdegil said...

Guess what
Kiter punye appt next mth on the same day..
Saw ur name dlm buku tu

Kak Ina said...

Mya dearie..

I got to know from blog too.. I understand. In fact im so much happy for you! Insya Allah. Allah melindungi orang yang berhati jujur.

Jaga diri yer