Saturday, March 20, 2010

Story of HER

I already started my work. Alhamdulillah that everything was easy.
Everyone seems understanding of the new role im carrying-new mumsy!
But how i felt every hour away from her will be the same with others
They have prewarned me on this situation...
And seriously i thought i was way stronger
However, true enough that NALURI SEORANG IBU will always be the same (Cheewah!!)
Everything i do, always remind me on her..
So i need to check with my mom on how is she doing every 2 hours!
Sign.... how i wish i could always be by her side always!

I thank god that i Arjuna is so a reliable hubby.
If he knew im a bit 'hard' to wake every night to change her dypers, he would  do!

However my greatest worries when after Arjuna sent me to work (Yes, the contract being extanded)
He will then sent her to the granny!
I must said it is not a short journey...
So what if she still need milk? or unconfortable along the way?
Will Arjuna calmly will handle her?
What is Arjuna the one feel sleepy?
He could not stop by road side/petrol station to get nap (Yes! He did sometimes)
Argh... All this worries me....
"Ya allah... permidahkanlah perjalanan anakku bersama suamiku setiap hari"

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