Monday, April 09, 2012

New Life in 2012

For those who knew me well, u've heard that i have shifted to a new workplace.
Its is so much closer to my crib (cool way!)
with not much extra perks to be compared. (Just a statement)
However it was the best time to be out of my comfort zone
Trying something new and meet new set of people
While i am still having this open heart and optimistic attitude
Have been something i was looking forward in 2011

So here i am now...
In new life, in new set of fififlafla

As I could summarize that;
It is totally a new whole world for me
The way they work, talk, communicate are very different
But please dont get me wrong, i am enjoying it every bits!
Seeing things from different perspective!
I am still learning and making new friends.
To be honest, i will never find my crazy clan as i was at "P",
But at this new "P" I believed i will be adding new friend list!

Yes, although rumors (as usual) come to me easily on X people, &Y people 'lah'
Being fififlafla, i will accept everyone like a new and clean white cloths.
So, don't worry. I wont bite! (hehe)

But alhamdulillah, so far i am always at that 'express' path meeting people
Through workshops, "EMCEE", singing/acting performance and soon;
Sports and Conference.
1 word that could describe best is = EXCITED!

However no doubts,
It does have the drawbacks.
Being a little OCD, it kills me when i am in position
Not being the 'best', 'expert' and real mya!
Well i guess, this is the risk that i have to take and accept
Living in a whole new world.

p/s: Now i have more time for my precious, myself and 'running'
i Love 2012

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