Friday, April 13, 2012

That office attire

Since im in a whole new industry
Where timeline are breathable and fun (very much) adopted to work
I personally think that i should also change my working sense of style.
So far, it has change to more appropriate, 'muslimah'-no more skirts
(Hopefully hijab soon)
However it have been 4 months and the change of the wardrobe took longer than expected!
(Thanks to added calories contributed by Garret, Gongcha and super delicious food)

Meanwhile, i am also still looking for the right style
Some already 'hint' my too corporatish look but,
give me some time lah!... I came from serius 'line'
Keeping up the fashion sense in KLCC is also not easy!
At least i have make statement, - i a cotton kurung chic!


p/s: Now my choice always been the 'loose', long and suitable for 'future' use!

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