Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Water and Me, never a good friend...

I have been having this issue since forever
Ive been hearing this from Arjuna, Mom, Docs and nearly everyone
That i am lacking of water (I guess it judged by my super dry lips)
and listen to this clearly,

An today, my not so young body gave another indicator!
Dehydrate till my bladder was infected
This resulted a severe pain at my lower abdomen
(Yes! i know to some would say..."Kan dah cakap")
Or to some, "Padan Muka" straight to my face!
and listen to this clearly again,

Why in general i hate water..? I dont have the answer either
But clearly, i can actually drink water during the breakfast
That one damn glass of water...(and it survived till sahur)
YES! I KNOW its a bad example
And i have learnt my lesson (Insya Allah)

So now, i am practising and forcing myself to at least drink 800ml of water after the breakfast
Hope this pain of mine will go away
Pray for me!

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