Friday, November 16, 2012

A new year

Its 2am, and im still doing my late night ramblings via blog and twitter. ( a very rare situation )
Airing on tv now is 393 while at my ipod-  "i won't give up" cover by Jayessle..
Two of my love had slept hours earlier and the home still look a mess!

Im having a very mix feeling of what i have faced in my life.
Somehow, it never even closed to the picture perfect life i ever dreamt,
But i enjoyed every moment of it!
Especially in work, dream and motherhood.
Thank you allah..

But for the upcoming years (insya allah)
I realised there are much more i need to accomplished!
A journey that would required high degree of iman, continuity of faith towards the jannah
I thank you allah for a blessed life but praying for Him to give me the chance finding the route..

But most importantly, i am grateful of wonderful people around me that never failed to be by myside..
(Well, although i have missed a few..)
But you are always in my mind.
Thats why, there are some qoutes;
If you mixed with the right kind of people, insya allah.. You will be who you want to be

Salam maal hijrah & happy new year mu dear driends...

Ps: i still love to write, but motherhood always keep me away from BLOG, do follow me as i always captured my fav moments n short thoughts via other social media (Instagram and Twitter) thesedays... How to find me, .. Well if you are truly my friend, u would "keyword"


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