Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ku Rai Cinta KeDua Tahun


wati hamzah said...

hey babe, may u be blessed with happy, wonderful n contented live...happy 2nd anniversary to u n razi...mmuahhh!!

Hani said...

happy anniversary dear..
i doakan kebahagiaan kekal abadi for the both of you

Anonymous said...

Congrat the mongrats to both of you!!
May the 3rd year brings more luv and joy.


fififlafla said...

Thanks all my luv..
It was'nt a good year for both of us! Hope the 3rd willbe more exciting! (3 is mt fav no.)

little miss kechik said...

your wedding brings a lot of good memories. one of which it brought caveman to me. hee.

yes.. i am selfish on ur big day.

but u luv me right??? right???