Sunday, July 04, 2010

Motherhood in Me

It have been 5 months my Omera colour my life. She completes us. She makes us seeing things differently as we no longer only talk about ourself.
However i was a bit sad to face the fact that she has been refused to BF. Unsure for what reason. To someone that look forward for at least 1 year, this definitely crushed any mother's heart. But i guess ini ketentuah tuhan, God has planned the best for us.

At my 6th months, i can now already start planning my mode of getting into my normal shape!


anis said...

my daughter refused to BF around 5 months too.
it called nursing strike. just try to offer her your booby as much as you can. insyaallah she will start to BF again. good luck!!

little miss kechik said...

well.. look on the bright side.. at least you dont have to crack your head figuring out how to wean her off the breast.. which.. is more heartbreaking..