Friday, July 16, 2010

No more excuses - The journey begins

I am among those new momsy that highly paranoid over taking any sort of pill/s herbs into my body.
The most ultimate reason for this WAS - I am breastfeeding!
This followed by the "unfortunate strory of me" - Yes people, my c-sact wasnt that successfull that i had to face 'bleeding session' till my yummy apple already 4 months. Sad but real story.

So now people, no more excuses.
I have promised myself till she is at least 6 months for me to start thinking about myself.
God has created such story that Omera also stop bf till she was 5th months.
This challenges that ALLAH swt decided, create great challenges for me as i was determine to at least bf her till she is 1year. But i believed ALLAH swt has better plan for me.

With this, i declare that the journey begins...


Sophia said...

bebe, i knew what u mean. A true mother. Think about the child first. Your OMERA simple adorable. btw, knew a bit late, but congratulation on very beautiful baby girl name omera. (u memang unik kan!)

little miss kechik said...

teehee..! luckk woman!! i will follow your trail.. nanti. hehhe! nanti2 la.. (hannah kata.. i tak kata)