Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh i loike this..

Check out what my yummy apple's idol carrying..
(Actually my idol. heheh)
That bag is so cute!!!
Where can i get this??


little miss kechik said...

waahh!! sangat cute ok!! nak jugak! nak jugak! babe.. let the hunt begin! and those heels.. hehe! but i think munchkin is more shiloh then suri.. but m sure yummy apple is very suri.. hahaha!

kakakdegil said...

Mya ..
Nonie ada order bag ni.. orange color

fififlafla said...

Hahhah kechik! i think so toooo lah!!! ehehheheh..
Nonie... Mya dah order too from my friend! hoping she will be back soon enough before raya!

little miss kechik said...

ee nak jugak.. nak jugakk!!